A woman who would kill her own daughter and step-daughter.  Help her husband sexually abuse numerous young girls, as well as murder them.  Does this woman deserve to be protected in prison? Moved when another female killer threatens her?  Rose West is a woman who has murdered over 10 girls with her husband. She has also helped cause countless trauma even to her own children. What do you think should be her fate?·       

Growing Up 

Rosemary, or Rose for short,  Letts was born in Devon, England in November 29, 1953. Her mother suffered from severe depression, and when she was pregnant with Rose, she is said to have received electroconvulsive therapy.  From the American Psychology Association:

“ECT involves a brief electrical stimulation of the brain while the patient is under anesthesia. It is typically administered by a team of trained medical professionals that includes a psychiatrist, an anesthesiologist, and a nurse or physician assistant.” 

She had a rough upbringing due to her dad being a schizophrenic who was physically and mentally abusive towards her mother and siblings.  On top of the mental and physical abuse, Rose was also sexually abused by her father. When she was a teenager, she, in turn, started sexually abusing her younger brother.  

In school, Rose struggled and it is speculated that this could have been caused by the treatment her mother received for her depression when she was pregnant with Rose.  Due to this and being overweight, Rose was bullied by her classmates.  Her mother finally decided to leave her father and moved in with an older sister.  However, Rose moved back in with her father and not long after, she met Fred West. 

Marrying Fred West 

While living with her dad, Rose met Fred West.  She was 15 at the time, and he was 27.   Her dad tried to stop the relationship but to no avail. Eventually, Rose would move in with Fred and his two daughters, Anne-Marie and Charmaine.  Anne-Marie was Fred’s daughter with his first wife Rena. 

Charmaine was the daughter of his ex-wife but another man. Soon afterwards, Rose found herself pregnant with Fred and her first daughter Heather. Til this day, Rose has never told anyone why she targeted the 8-year old Charmaine. People think that being a young girl who already had a disturbed upbringing, and then having to take care of a baby and two girls let the stress get to her. It’s also said that Charmaine was defiant towards her step-parents. It really doesn’t matter the circumstances, around mid 1971, Rose beat the girl to death. After the girl died, Rose and Fred cut off her fingers and toes before burying Charmaine under the floorboard. They would then lie to everyone saying that Charmaine had gone to live with her mother.  Rose told one neighbor Tracey Giles, “Gone to live with her mother and bloody good riddance.” People believed them and no one thought of the horrible end that Charmaine met in the hands of Rose.  

Charmaine had been Rose’s first victim.  

Move to 25 Cromwell

The couple would get married and move to 25 Cromwell. Rose started prostituting while Fred watched. She would later tell a jury:

“It was almost as though he was jealous of the other men that he was forcing me to go with. If he thought he was losing an argument he would use his fists and hit me. It was a regular thing.”

A couple of months later, Rena, Charmaine’s and Anne Marie’s mother, would eventually come to visit her daughters. It seems she went to Fred’s father for help to find out what happened to Charmaine. Fred came and told her he would take her to see Charmaine.  Rena got in the car and was never seen again.  It seems Fred took her to a pub and got her really drunk before strangling her. He would cut off her her fingers and toes before burying her in the house.  Rena’s disappearance was never looked into because no one was looking for her. 

Anne Marie would also start getting raped by her father while Rose held the girl down. They threatened to beat her to death if she told anyone. 

In 1972, Caroline Owens was hired as a nanny.  Instead, the Wests’ house became a prison where the girl was raped repeatedly.  Caroline escaped and went to the police. The Wests were able to escape any conviction because they convinced the court that Caroline had consented and the poor girl was too traumatized to testify. It makes you wonder how many lives could have been saved if they would have been imprisoned at that time.

Heather’s Death

An investigation would occur when their first daughter Heather disappeared at 16-year old.  It is thought she was their last victim.  She had been sexually abused by her parents, and there are thoughts that she was going someone about the torment in the house.  She was then buried in the “House of Horrors.” 

The couple would then tell their other kids that if they misbehaved, they would be buried in the backyard like Heather. The kids thought it was a joke, but deep down inside, they knew it wasn’t. They even played an episode where a person is buried in a house to gauge their parents reaction. No reaction whatsoever. 


In 1993, they would be charged with raping their 13-year old daughter.  This sparked a bigger investigation was to the goings on in the house. The bodies of the women were discovered. All of them were dismembered including Heather’s body. The police then went to their previous residence where the found the remains of Charmaine, Rena, and an ex-girlfriend of Fred.

This is when the stories of the other victims came to light. Lynda Gough was a 19-year old seamstress.  The attorney in the trial would say, “The circle of masking tape found with the remains provides the clearest evidence that she was naked but gagged.” 

15-year old Carol Ann Cooper

21-year old Lucy Partington

21-year-old Swiss Therese Siegenthaler

15-year old Shirley Hubbarb

18-year old Juanita Mott

16-year old Alison Chambers

Fred confessed to killing more than 30 people but to this date, only the bodies of the young women in their two homes have been found. Fred committed suicide in jail while Rose was tried and sentenced to life in prison. The second woman in the UK to get life.  Rose insists she is innocent and had no knowledge of what Fred was doing. However, her involvement in the sexual abuse of her daughters and the victims who survived prove otherwise.

As stated before, Rose had been treated with such care in prison but had to be moved to another when another female killer Joanna Dennehy threatened her. Rose is complaining that she can’t sleep in the new prison.  

Closing Remarks

Rose West is evil personified. For her to be have been treated so delicately in prison is a shock, which is a nicer way of saying what I am thinking. A criminal profiler thinks she Rose West would have become a serial killer even if she hadn’t met Fred West, and I agree.  She had a horrible and sad childhood but that doesn’t make it right to kill an eight-year-old girl, murder countless women including your daughter, and participate in the sexual abuse acts with her husband. The worst is that she pretends to be innocent and put it all on Fred. Rose West should go to a  prison where she is treated like nothing but the monster that she is.

House of Horrors is what  Rose West's 25 Cromwell home is known for after the rape and murder of over 10 women including her own daughter

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