Anthony Tomaselli was 85 years old.  The man was suffering from dementia and cancer.  He had told his daughters Mary-Beth Tomaselli, 63, and Linda Roberts, 61, that he did not want to e put in an assisted living facility. What was the solution the two sisters came up with? Plotting their father’s death and making it look like an accident.  

The night of the murder, the two sisters drugged one of the sister’s adult daughter so she would not be aware of what was going on.  When they made sure the daughter was out, they made their dad an alcoholic drink mixed with a bunch of sleeping pills. It seems that adding too much alcohol dilutes the effects of sleeping pills, so that is what happened.  While their dad lied on the couch, they tried suffocating him with a pillow. They then moved to hold him down and shoving a rag in his mouth while they closed his nostrils. Anthony Tomaselli passed away. They called 911 the next day and said their dad died of natural causes. They sold their dad’s house, and split the $120,000 with their brother.  No one suspected a thing until three years later.

Sisters Caught

The two sisters started a sexual relationship with a man who has remained anonymous.  They decided they could trust him, and they told him that they had murdered their dad.  The man recorded the conversation and went to the police. 

Sherrif Gualitieri said:

“If they hadn’t run their mouths and confessed to this guy who she met in a bar last August or September, yeah. In some respects, as we sometimes call these things, it was the ‘perfect murder. There was absolutely no sign of struggle, no sign of foul play. He had cancer, he had dementia, he was seriously ill.” 

He believes that guilt was eating at the younger sister Linda. 

They are currently awaiting trial so there will definitely be a follow-up on this story. 

Well, what did you think? It seems they believed they were performing euthanasia because, in the recording taken by the man they were involved with, they say it a lot.  However, when the spiked drink didn’t work, they should have stopped. Their dad was at the end of his life. They could have been patient. Now, they will probably spend the rest of their lives in jail.