What would cause 13 and 14-year-old teenage girls to torture and murder a woman who offered to help them? Should they be allowed to remain anonymous after committing this vicious act? In this episode, we will be talking about the case and you tell me if you think they should be allowed to remain anonymous.

Before Meeting Angela Wrightson

In court papers, the two teenage girls are known as “Olivia” and “Yasmine.” They had a difficult childhood just like their victim Angela Wrightson.  It is assumed that her alcoholism was a result of her traumatic childhood spent in different care homes. 

Olivia was one out of six girls who had different fathers. During her childhood, she was physically abused and lived in a household filled with drugs and alcohol.  She was once given a black eye by her mother. One situation is highlighted in the reports.  When she was 12, Olivia was involved in a car accident and had to spend two weeks in the hospital.  Her father came to visit her one time and spent the entire time complaining about the trouble she was causing him.  Her mother? Never came to visit her at all. 

Yasmine had a similar upbringing.  Her parents were described as hostile and physically abusive.  During a meeting with social services when Yasmine was 12, her mother said, “Yasmine has hurt me so much, it will be hard to forgive her.” 

At a young age, Olivia and Yasmine were participating in risky behaviors such as roaming the streets and drinking alcohol.  This is when they met Angela Wrightson. 

Murder of Angela Wrightson

The two girls had known each other since childhood but became close a few months before the murder. In 2014, they met 39-year old Angela Wrightson.  Her house was the teenage hangout spot where kids could drink alcohol.  Before that fateful night, Olivia and Yasmine had visited Angela’s place a couple of times, and she had bought them alcohol.  During the day of the murder, Angela let them into her home.  There is even a Snapchat that one of the teenage killers took and you can see Angela in the background.   

They spent five hours torturing Angela Wrightson.  They even left for two hours to hang out with a friend and came back to continue the torture. After Angela was dead, Olivia and Yasmine called 999 and laughed about what they had done.  They left Angela covered in broken glass, blood all over the place, and broken furniture. Angela suffered more than 100 injuries.  This included being stricken with a coffee table, shovel, television, sticks with screws, and the list keeps going.  

When the police captured them and put them in the police car, one of them took a selfie of the two and posted it on Snapchat with the message, “me and [blank] on the ‘bizzie’ van.”


Very similar to Mary Bell and Norma Bell. Yasmine was said to be a “bright girl” while Olivia had an IQ of 60.   I mention this because during the trial, it was said that 13-year old Yasmine was the mastermind.  She would tell 14-year old Olivia how to torture Angela Wrightson while she smoked, laughed, and talked with friends.  Yasmine kept insisting that she didn’t remember anything and that she saw Olivia doing all the torture.  How could she remember that if she didn’t’ remember? While Yasmine was putting all the blame on Olivia, Olivia was writing her the following messages:

“Whatever happens and however long we get, just keep your chin up bonny lass. I’m thinking of you every step of the way. Do our time, get out and start a new life.

“Wait until we get out, me and you on the sesh again but this time it will be bigger and better, I’m telling you.”

The two girls were sentenced to life with a minimum of 15 years in prison.  Like our other female killers Juliet Hulme and Pauline Parker, Olivia and Yasmine are never to be allowed to see each other again. 

In May 2019, they asked that the ability to remain anonymous be extended.  This was granted. 

Angela’s family released this statement:

“The two girls responsible will one day be women themselves, free to live their lives and perhaps have children of their own. A right which was taken from Angie.

Closing Remarks

Well, what did you think? It is sad the traumatic childhood that the two teenage girls and the victim Angela Wrightson had to endure. It seems that they all had mental health issues. However, is this enough for them to be forgiven for torturing and murdering an innocent woman?  In my mind, no. I also think that the friends of the two girls who knew what they were doing should also be held accountable. They should have notified police right away.  The family of Angela Wrightson is campaigning to create a law named “Angie’s Law.” This will help provide more protection for vulnerable people like Ms. Wrightson. 

Two teen girls tortured and murdered vulnerable Angela Wrightson

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