• The Disturbing Murder of Shanda Sharer
    According to Psychology Today, jealousy is “a complex emotion that encompasses feelings ranging from fear of abandonment to rage and humiliation.” It has been the cause of countless crimes including murder. In Episode 11, I talked about the horrific torture and murder of Stacey Hanna. This was caused by jealousy and rage due to a […]
  • Rose West | House of Horrors
    A woman who would kill her own daughter and step-daughter.  Help her husband sexually abuse numerous young girls, as well as murder them.  Does this woman deserve to be protected in prison? Moved when another female killer threatens her?  Rose West is a woman who has murdered over 10 girls with her husband. She has […]
  • Joanna Dennehy , Peterborough Ditch Murders
    A misconception that many people have is that a good upbringing and keeping a child busy with activities will help prevent her from going the wrong way. However, this is not usually the case. Joanna Dennehy had a normal childhood until she decided to leave her family at the age of 16. After that, it […]
  • Real Life Baba Yaga | Tamara Samsanova
    Overview One of the scariest books that I ever read was a children’s book named “Bony-Legs” by Joanna Cole.  I remember that I couldn’t sleep for a couple of days because I was afraid that the witch Baba Yaga would come after me.  It scared me because she would eat children and then use their […]
  • The Tigress: Idoia Lopez Riano
    Overview A woman using her sexual magnetism to lure police officers and killing their colleagues all for a terrorist group that has killed over 800 people.  ETA Basque has been trying to separate from Spain for many years. This was how the terrorist organization ETA was found. ETA branched out of the Basque Nationalists Party […]
  • Anonymous Teen Killers | Murder of Angela Wrightson
    What would cause 13 and 14-year-old teenage girls to torture and murder a woman who offered to help them? Should they be allowed to remain anonymous after committing this vicious act? In this episode, we will be talking about the case and you tell me if you think they should be allowed to remain anonymous. […]
  • Deadly Pig Farm in Oregon
    Overview They say that creative works sometimes get ideas from actual events. Pigs have been featured in a few true crime shows and films. One of the first time I saw pigs in a farm eating human flesh was in “Hannibal.” It was pretty graphic with the pigs tearing the man limb by limb. I […]
  • An Almost Perfect Murder
    Anthony Tomaselli was 85 years old.  The man was suffering from dementia and cancer.  He had told his daughters Mary-Beth Tomaselli, 63, and Linda Roberts, 61, that he did not want to e put in an assisted living facility. What was the solution the two sisters came up with? Plotting their father’s death and making […]
  • Heather Mack: Killed Mother and Stuffed Body in Suitcase
    Overview A tragic death of a loved one is traumatic for the people they leave behind.  But enough to cause a daughter to viciously abuse her mother and later kill her? This is what Heather Mack did alongside her boyfriend. What’s worse they stuffed her mother’s body in a suitcase hoping to inherit her money.  […]
  • Mary Bell, a Ten-Year-Old Female Killer
    Overview Do you remember what you were doing when you were 11 years old? I was doing gymnastics on the field with my friends and still playing with my dolls, with my little sister, even if she was doing those things. Mary Bell also had another extracurricular activity that she was participating in. She was […]
  • Lesbian Love Triangle Ends in Murder
    One of the most memorable quotes in the movie “Men in Black” is when Tommy Lee Jones’ character Agent K exclaimed, “ A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky, dangerous animals, and you know it!” A group of people will do acts that the individuals within it usually wouldn’t do it if were just […]
  • America’s First Female Serial Killer Lavinia Fisher
    America’s first female serial killer.  How does a woman get credited with that?  Lavinia Fisher did it by using her beauty and charm to captivate men and lure them to their deaths.  If you have ever seen the movie “White Oleander” with Michelle Pfeiffer, you know how dangerous these beautiful flowered-shrubs are. Very similar to […]
  • Deadly Three’s a Crowd: Murder of Skylar Neese
    —-> LISTEN TO THE PODCAST EPISODEAND SUBSCRIBE <—— The expression “three’s a crowd” has a lot of truth, especially in female friendships. Two girls being friends worked, but add a third one and usually, one gets left out. When my daughter was a tween, she was the one who got pushed to the side when […]
  • Death Shift: Genene Jones
    —-> LISTEN TO THE PODCAST EPISODE AND SUBSCRIBE <—— Overview  When we think about a nurse, we think about a person who wants to help us get better.  Nurses are part of the medical team that we should trust. We have already met a sexually-deprived nurse who lost that trust when she killed many patients. […]
  • Curry Poisoner: Masumi Hayashi
    —-> LISTEN TO THE PODCAST EPISODE AND SUBSCRIBE <—— On July 25, 1988 in the Sonobe District of Wakayama in Japan, a summer festival was occurring.  37-year old Masumi Hayashi made a communal pot of curry and placed it for participants to eat. What people didn’t know was that she added at least 1000 grams […]
  • New Zealand Teenage Killers
    —-> LISTEN TO THE PODCAST EPISODE AND SUBSCRIBE <——   One of my favorite movies as a teenager was “Heavenly Creatures” starring Kate Winslet and Melanie Lynskey.  My sister, mom, and I watched it one night, and my mom locked her bedroom door when she went to bed. We were more impacted by this movie because […]
  • Take the Female Killers Podcast Audience Survey
    The podcast has been active for almost a year. I want to thank everyone who has been listening. It makes me keep creating new podcast episodes, and now YouTube videos, because I do not want to let you down. One thing I want to do is understand who is listening more, so I can create […]
  • Greedy Poisoner: Martha Marek
    —-> LISTEN TO THE PODCAST EPISODE AND SUBSCRIBE <—— Overview Greed is one of the seven deadly sins.  It is an insatiable longing for a tangible item.  Usually, when people think of greed, money is what comes to mind. As Eartha Kitt was once quoted by saying, “Greed is so destructive. It destroys everything. “ […]
  • Monsters of Ecatepec, Patricia Martinez
    —-> LISTEN TO THE PODCAST EPISODE AND SUBSCRIBE <—— Overview Cannibalism is taboo.  To eat human flesh is something that humans should not be allowed to do. However, there are a few who get a taste for it.  Even worse, they torture and kill those that they eat. Patricia Martinez, half of the Monsters of […]
  • Jane Toppan – Nurse Who Killed Over 100 Patients
    —-> LISTEN TO THE PODCAST EPISODE AND SUBSCRIBE <—— Angel of Death is the label given to caregivers who play God and deciding whether the people under their care should live or die. Being that they are taking care of the sick, their crimes go unnoticed. In the 1900s, one of those Angel of Deaths, […]
  • Elizabeth Bathory – Her Tie to Count Dracula
    Listen to the podcast episode if you prefer audio by going here. Let’s start with one of the prolific serial killers of all time. She is thought to be one of the inspirations for a monster we have seen in books, movies, and even music…. I am talking about Brahm’s Stoker’s “Dracula.” A creature who […]
  • Six Female Killers Throughout History
    These were the first five Female Killers Podcast episodes. They are women throughout history who have killed for various reasons. 1. The Blood Countess: Elizabeth Bathory Elizabeth Bathory is thought to be the inspiration for a monster we have seen in books, movies, and even music like Brahm’s Stoker’s “Dracula.  She is also known as […]
  • Female Killers Podcast Reaches 10 Episodes
    Last week the Female Killers Podcast reached its 10th episode! I know that is a small achievement for some, but for me, it’s a huge one.  Thank you for everyone who has supported the podcast, and I hope it continues to grow. 
  • Podcast Episode Transcripts Posted Soon
    Hi everyone! In the upcoming weeks, I plan to post the transcripts of the episodes on the Episode pages.  Before I do an episode I do extensive research and write a script that helps me during the podcast production.  There are times that I improve a bit, but not much.  This will help people follow […]
  • Officially Launching the Podcast
    Today I officially launched the Female Killers Podcast, and I am so proud of myself.  I spent a month learning how to podcast, using GarageBand, and research on the first few episodes. I was nervous to launch it because I was worried people wouldn’t like it, but I realized that it’s something that I am […]