On July 25, 1988 in the Sonobe District of Wakayama in Japan, a summer festival was occurring.  37-year old Masumi Hayashi made a communal pot of curry and placed it for participants to eat. What people didn’t know was that she added at least 1000 grams of arsenic, which is enough to kill over 100 people. 63 people suffered from acute arsenic poisoning.  Also, four people died, two children and two adults. They were 64-year-old Takatoshi Taninaka, 53-year-old Takaaki Tanaka, 10-year-old Hirotaka Hayashi, and 16-year-old Miyuki Torii.

Witnesses quickly pointed out Masumi Hayashi.  Her husband was an Exterminator so it was easy for her to get as much arsenic as she wanted.  However, who would think that she would add this to the curry.

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