They say that creative works sometimes get ideas from actual events. Pigs have been featured in a few true crime shows and films. One of the first time I saw pigs in a farm eating human flesh was in “Hannibal.” It was pretty graphic with the pigs tearing the man limb by limb. I also saw pigs being used to munch on a human body on “Criminal Minds.” I had to close my eyes and try to shake off the images of the pigs tearing up the bodies. Well, this has happened in real life a few times. One of those times was by a woman who owned a farm with some pigs. 

Before the Murders

Not much can be found about who Susan Monica was before the murders. What triggered her to kill her handymen and why in such a graphic way. Susan was born on July 8, 1948. She lived in Wilmer, Oregon, and owned a farm. She also had a welding business. In an interview done by KTVL News 10, they interviewed James Grotzke, and his wife worked had worked for Susan Monica and lived on her land. They said that her living conditions were terrible. She had 20-acres of land, but they said she only lived in a small room with a TV and a bed. They were trying to help her clean up the farm until one day she told them that they had to go because people were complaining about them. They also said that they were surprised by the murders because she was a caring person. This was corroborated by neighbors who said she was always helping others and seemed sweet. Her neighbors mentioned that she made people uncomfortable at first because of her size and how dirty she seemed cause she came in while she was working on the farm. However, people would instantly warm up when they spoke to her. 

Murders and Caught

Susan Monica was caught when the family of 56-year old Robert Haney contacted the police looking for him. They started their investigations and found that Susan Monica was using Haney’s food stamps. The police went to her farm to charge her with fraud. However, when they searched the farm, they found human remains. Susan Monica was arrested. After looking at the human remains, it was found o be of two people — Robert Haney and 59-year-old Stephen Delicino. After further investigation, it was found that she murdered Delicino, who was also her handyman, in the summer of 2012, and Haney in September 2013.


During the trial, Monica tried to say that she shot Delicino in self-defense and that she found Haney being devoured by her pigs, so she shot him to put him out of his misery. Her biggest fear? Her pigs would be killed if anyone found out. 

She later said that Delicino shot himself fives times in the head and that she didn’t know where Haney went until a month later when she saw her pigs started chowing down. 

No surprise here, but her forensic evidence painted a different story. It showed that some of the body parts were chopped up with an ax, while others showed signs of gnawing. Others were found in plastic bags in her barn. It took the jury about an hour to come back with a guilty verdict. Susan Monica was sentenced to two consecutive life terms. During the trial, she talked directly to Haney’s family: “I couldn’t bring myself to call you simply to say, ‘Hey, your father has finally shown up. Come get him out of my pig pen,’” Monica said while seated in court. “I couldn’t do it.”

Closing Remarks

Well, what did you think? Susan Monica definitely seemed to value her pigs over humans. What’s weird is, why did she kill these two? She had the married couple living on her farm, and she asked them to leave. However, she decided to shoot and feed these two men to her pigs. As the judge preceding on the case said, “You valued pigs more than you value people.” 

Pig Farm of Horrors run by female killer Susan Monica