The expression “three’s a crowd” has a lot of truth, especially in female friendships. Two girls being friends worked, but add a third one and usually, one gets left out. When my daughter was a tween, she was the one who got pushed to the side when a third girl moved into the neighborhood and became friends with her best friend and her. I had my own experience as a teenager. Even though there were hurt feelings and arguments do to having three girls in a friendship, it didn’t result in murder as it did when Skylar Neese, Rachel Shoaf, and Sheila Eddy became friends. 

The Friendship

Skylar Annette Neese was an only child.  She was a straight-A student and had dreams of becoming a criminal lawyer.  After school, she also had a part-time job at Wendy’s. 

Skylar Neese and Sheila Eddy met when they were in second grade. They would meet Rachel Shoaf in freshman year in high school. The duo quickly became a trio. All three were only children, and Shelia and Rachel were children of divorced parents. The three started doing things that would be considered out-of-control behaviors like drinking, smoking weed, and breaking curfew.  They nicknamed themselves “The Three Musketeers.” 

People in their lives say that Shelia was a bad influence and was causing Skylar and Rachel to do those types of things.  If Skylar’s or Rachel’s friends would see them with Shelia, they would not approach because of how much they disliked her. 

Everything was good until a year later, Sophomore year during a sleepover, everything changed. 


During a sleepover, everything changed. Rachel and Shelia had sex when they got drunk while Skylar was awkwardly watching.  Later on that night, Shelia and Skylar ended the night in an argument. Skylar starts threatening that she will tell everyone their secret.  The dynamic of the trio started changing. Skylar felt excluded while Shelia and Rachel became closer. Things like Shelia and Rachel dressing alike while Skylar was not aware until she saw them. Both girls were sexually active and had boyfriends while Skylar didn’t.

A classmate was quoted saying, “One time sophomore year, I and Rachel were at practice for Pride and Prejudice and Rachel had her phone up to her ear and she was laughing. She was like, ‘Listen to this.’ Shelia and Skylar were fighting, but Skylar didn’t know Shelia had put her on three-way calling and Rachel was listening in.”

They took their arguments to social media. Skylar’s Twitter account is still active and you can see tweets that say;

·Jul 4, 2012

sick of being at fucking home. thanks “friends”, love hanging out with you all too.

·Jul 4, 2012

stress will be the death of me

·Jul 5, 2012

you doing shit like that is why I will NEVER completely trust you.

In June 2012, Skylar and Shelia went on a week-long beach vacation at Myrtle Beach and they spent it arguing.  Shelia had planned to have sex with Skylar so that she wouldn’t threaten to tell anyone about Rachel and Shelia.  However, it backfired cause Skylar turned her down. When they returned, Shelia told Rachel that Skylar had to die. 

The Killing

On July 5, 2012, Skylar came home from work, kissed her parents’ goodnight, and went to her room. Skylar would later get a text from Rachel and Shelia to go joyriding with them.  She snuck out of through her bedroom window and met up with them. In a street camera, you can see Skylar going to a car and that would be the last image of her alive. 

They eventually went to a secluded road and got out of the car.  Shelia and Rachel counted to three and started repeatedly stabbing Skylar.  Skylar tried to run but was tackled by Rachel. She was able to grab Rachel’s knives and cut Rachel’s ankle.  However, even though she valiantly fought the two girls off, they still overpowered her. Her last words were “Why?” 

Shelia and Rachel covered Skylar’s body with rocks and branches.  After washing off, they both went home. Rachel will tweet later that morning, “Always keep your cool.” 


Skylar’s parents reported her missing to the police the next morning when they realized she was not in her bedroom. They called Shelia to see if she had seen or talked to Skylar.  She said they had talked around midnight but she hadn’t seen her. She would later call Skylar’s parents and admit that she actually did see Skylar but she had dropped Skylar off before midnight. Rachel was off to church summer camp for two weeks. 

The officer assigned to the case Jessica Colebank spoke to Shelia, and Officer Colebank would, later on, say she felt that the conversation felt off.  She would also speak to Rachel and said that the girl was scared to death. The officer started to suspect the two girls. 

In late summer, a rumor started swirling around that Skylar had overdosed from heroin at a party, and that the partygoers had hidden her body in fear that they would be in trouble.  The police and FBI checked this tip out and The girls posted on Social Media messages about missing Skylar and hoping she would return. However, their classmates started getting suspicious and the girls started getting anonymous threatening messages on social media. 

When the two girls were questioned, they would always have the same story that remained the same even small details.  This made the police and FBI think that it was rehearsed because a story can never be 100% the same every time. After being pressured more and more, Rachel finally confessed. She would leave the police to Skylar’s body after she had been missing for over six months. 

They were both sentenced to about 15 years to life.  They will be eligible for parole when Rachel is 27, and Shelia is 33. One of Shelia’s last tweets said “We really did go on three” referencing Rachel and her counting to three before viciously stabbing Skylar. 

Closing Remark

A girl lost her life for no reason.  Her death caused a change in the law in West Virginia. It is called “Skylar’s Law.” Before if a child under 18 would disappear after leaving on their own, the Amber Alert would not be activated.  The new addendum now states that regardless of how the child disappeared, even if she left on her own, the Amber Alert still needs to be issued. Hopefully, lives can be saved by Skylar’s Law and bring some light into the death of an innocent.

Should the two girls be allowed to be let out of jail when they are in their late 20s, early 30s?  I keep going back and forth if they should or not. If they do, hopefully, they learn healthy relationships and if they don’t want to be friends with someone, they allow that person to remain alive. 

Well, what did you think? Teenagers tend to not think of what’s in front of them and they feel as though the moment that they’re living in will never pass. And I feel like if Sheila in Rachel with a taken a step back, they could have ended the friendship with Skylar and even as Skylar spread that rumor, it wouldn’t have been a big deal, in the long run, I guess as an adult-use tend to start realizing that and you’d, Skyler was still alive. So that’s one thing that I do want to say to my teenage listeners and even some adults out there. Sometimes it’s good to just close your eyes and see if in five years this will matter. The majority of the time it won’t and you won’t make mistakes or have someone lose their life over something that won’t matter in five years.