When we think about a nurse, we think about a person who wants to help us get better.  Nurses are part of the medical team that we should trust. We have already met a sexually-deprived nurse who lost that trust when she killed many patients. Now, we will be talking about a second one who is just as bad, probably even worse because her target was innocent children.  I want to say a huge thanks to an Instagrammer who recommended this next female killer. I am not sure she would like to be named so she will remain anonymous. The nurse’s name is Genene Jones, and it was confirmed that she killed two children, but it is thought it is over 60. Nurses started calling her “The Death Shift” because a child always died during her shift.

Early Life

In July 1950, Genene Jones was born in Texas and put up for adoption.  in July of 1950 and immediately put up for adoption. She was adopted alongside three other children.  In later interviews, Genene would say that she felt like the black sheep of the family and that she never felt accepted.  She would sometimes pretend to be sick to get attention. Jones also was known for being aggressive, a liar, and a manipulator. At 16 years old, Genene lost her 14-year old brother Travis when a bomb accidentally blew up in his face.  It was said that she was devastated and made a huge scene at his funeral. Some people think that this caused her future actions. Her adopted father would die of cancer the next year, which was also another blow.

When she was 19, she got married. They had a child. Her husband enlisted in the Navy.  While he was gone, it was said that she had multiple affairs and actually would brag about them.  Jones trained to be a beautician due to her mother’s urges. When her husband returned home, they had a second child.  She would eventually leave her kids with her adopted mother. Her husband her divorce, and she said in the divorce papers that it was due to violence against her. An older brother would die of cancer around this time.

Becoming a Nurse

As a beautician, Genene became fearful that the dyes would give her cancer, so she decided to become a licensed vocational nurse. She started her training and completed it in a year.

Genene went and worked at San Antonio’s Methodist Hospital, but she was fired after 8 months for her behavior. She then went and worked at Bexar County Medi9cal Center Hospital for four years. During her time there, 47 infants died under suspicious circumstances. The other nurses became suspicious and started telling the head nurse Pat Belko.  They told her how it was weird that infants in her care constantly needed to be resuscitated, seven infants died under her care in two weeks, and she was seen singing to an infant’s course when she was delivering the body to the morgue.   Belko dismissed their complaints as jealousy. During this time, the infants and toddlers were having issues with bleeding problems. They would bleed from their mouths, punctures, even their rectums. The hospital finally started to realize that maybe the nurses’ suspicions were not due to jealousy. A committee was formed, and they started discussing if they should fire her Genene or call the police. However, they were afraid she would sue them and all the other legal actions that could befall them.  Their solution? Getting rid of all of the licensed Vocational Nurse with Registered Nurses. This is what they decided to do instead of calling the police. Allowing Genene to continue her dangerous actions against little infants and toddlers.

New Hospital

Dr. Kathleen Holland hired Jones in her clinic.  People warned the doctor that there was something seriously wrong with Jones, but the doctor dismissed the warnings and hired her in August 1982.  Over the next two months, seven infants placed under Jones’s care had unexpected seizures.

In September 1982, 14-month-old Chelsea McClellan was brought in for routine immunization. Jones gave her one out of two vaccinations injections that the toddler was supposed to receive.  When Genene gave Chelsea the first one, the toddler started having a seizure. Her mother told Jones to stop, who ignored her and gave her the second one. After violently jerking around, Chelsea went limp and died.

Dr. Holland started to have her own suspicions when she was talking to Jones about the seizures at the clinic.  Out of the blue, Jones said she found a missing vial of Succinylcholine. Succinylcholine is a muscle relaxant, and it’s called “sux” for short.  If not used properly, it’s also a hard-to-detect poison. 100 mg of sux will destroy every muscle in the body of a 154-pound man in about 20 seconds. And the patient will not be able to take another breath for at least 5 minutes. Therefore, imagine an infant.

Dr. Holland started looking at the vials in the locked room in her clinic that only Jones and had access to.  She found that an unopened vial had two tiny pricks in the rubber top. Dr. Holland fired Genene Jones and called police.

When the vial was sent to forensics.  It was found that it was filled with saline because Jones had already used up all of the sux and was trying to cover her track.

Trial and Appeals

The court found her guilty in 1984 for the murder of 15-month old Chelsea McClellan.  It was found that Jones used a paralyzing muscle relaxant on the toddler. Genene received a 99-year sentence for that crime.  She also had a concurrent sentence for using blood thinner on 4-week-old Rolando Santos in San Antonio. Luckily, that child survived. 

In 2016, Genene was scheduled to be released in 2018 due to overcrowding in the Texas prison she was jailed at.  Prosecutors worked day and night to prevent that from happening. They indicated her in the death of 11-month old Joshua Sawyer. This caused a judge to dismiss the release, and so she remains in jail.  

Closing Remarks

During an October 1998 prison interview for a parole review, Jones tearfully told a parole officer “I really did kill those babies,” testified Bexar County Assistant District Attorney Jason Goss, who is leading the prosecution on five additional murder charges. On another occasion, Goss told the court, a fellow inmate wrote the parole board opposing Jones’ release, explaining that Jones had told her: “I didn’t kill those babies. The voices in my head did.”  It is thought that she was the inspiration for Stephen King’s Annie Wilkes of Misery. If you have ever read the book or seen the movie (probably thanks to Kathie Bates tremendous acting), you can get a sense that it’s a good thing that this woman remains in prison. It is upsetting that she could be caught much earlier, but people were more concerned with saving their skins instead of saving children.

It is really upsetting that a lot of infants in, yeah, others could have been saved from Janine Jones grasp if it wasn’t for the team at Bexar County Medical Center hospital. And I feel that they should have been charged as well because they basically were accomplices to what this woman was doing. And I just don’t understand how no charges were placed on them. And if anyone knows of anything different, please, you know, send me a message and let me know because I just can’t understand how, just because they were afraid to get sued, they allow this woman to go scot-free and didn’t do anything to protect innocent children. So thank you again to be Instagram or who gave me the name of this female killer. Um, she definitely deserves to remain in jail and this is definitely to protect the little infants and toddlers out there who can’t do anything to protect themselves from this woman.

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