Greed is one of the main reasons that women kill. Martha Marek, Nannie Doss, and more have been murdered for money. What is the woman is your husband’s mother? This is what Diana Nadell did. She murdered her mother-in-law to get her estate. She was full of greed that changed the lives of all those involved and the loss of a woman in her old age. 

Peggy Nadell

80-year old Peggy Nadell was a millionaire living in New York’s Valley Cottage. She was a Democratic activist, as well as a prominent member of the Jewish community. 

She had two children, Susanne Nadell-Scaccio and James Nadell. James lived in Florida with his wife, Diana Nadell. The two of them were constantly asking Peggy for money. Peggy’s friend Darcy Greenberg said that Peggy was tired of sending her son and daughter-in-law money during an interview. She was not happy that they expected her to fund their lifestyle. 

The Murders 

On January 25, 2014, Susanne went to visit her mother. When she walked into the house, Susanne found her mother Peggy Nadell stabbed to death. Susanne said, “I walked in, and I found her, and the first thing I noticed was that she was bashed in the head. There was blood coming out of eyes and her nose and the side of the mouth.”

Susanne was shocked to find her mother in that way. She noticed that a knife was sticking out of Peggy’s chest. Without thinking, Susanne pulled it out. After she did that, Susanne called the police. 

The police started suspecting that she was the one who had murdered her mother. In 2020, the true-crime show “Killer Truth,” interviewed Susanne Nadell-Scaccio. She was shocked at how she was interrogated and followed by the police. Even now, Susanne has resentment towards the way the police treated her. 

While Susanne was being scrutinized by the police, Diana was in Florida calling Darcy Greenberg every morning. Darcy said in her interview, “She was calling me almost every morning… She seemed very rattled and very off… It seemed like she was getting nervous like the police were going to look at her. Every day she seemed to be getting more nervous.”

Darcy finally decided to call the police when Diana mentioned that the kids were moving to Jamaica. Investigators decided to look at Diana. They found out that Diana was not in Florida when Peggy had been murdered, but she had been in DC for a wedding. 

After further investigation, it was found out that Diana had not even gone to the DC wedding. 

Police wiretapped Diana’s phone, and investigation led them to two other women who appeared to be involved in a cover-up. This led them to two other women, Eltia Grant and Tanisha Joyner. It was found that they were helping Diana Nadell cover her tracks. A third woman was found. It was found that Diana had promised Andrea Benson $10,000 to come with her to her mother-in-law Peggy’s home to murder her.  

She and Andrea went to Peggy’s home and stabbed the elderly woman to death. 

Diana called Peggy using a disposable cellphone to meet up. Peggy said sure and let Andrea and Diana into her home. When they got into the house, Andrea grabbed Peggy from behind and started to choke her. She then proceeded to drag Peggy down the stairs. 

This is when the story changes, according to Diana and Andrea. Diana says that Andrea hit Peggy and then proceeded to stab her to death. Peggy said no, it was actually Diana who did. 

The two didn’t remember that forensics has come a long way, and it can tell the truth. Prosecutor Richard Kennison Moran said, “Our evidence is they both physically killed her. Andrea Benson choked her, and Diana Nadell stabbed her.”


Diana Nadell was arrested and charged with contract murder. Her husband, Peggy’s son, James, was not charged. Even with her admitting she wanted to kill his mother to get her estate, he still supports his wife. Diana was sentenced to 23 years in prison. Susanne read a victim impact statement. She said, 

“You dared to come back to New York and pretend to mourn after brutally strangling, bludgeoning, and stabbing my mother to death and leaving me with an image that will stay with me forever.”

Andrea Benson was sentenced to 20 years in prison.

It was also found out that Diana was attempting to murder two critical witnesses for the prosecution in a jailhouse plot. 

Eltia Grant and Tanisha Joyner got time served and only served a month in prison.  

Closing Remarks

Peggy seems to have been a lovely woman. She cared deeply for her family and tried to help them. Her son James is a psychologist, and it seems Diana was a stay-at-home mother. Why did they need Peggy to keep bailing them out? I couldn’t find any information on this, so if anyone knows, please reach out. I have suspicions that James was involved. It seems they had money issues; he supported his wife even after finding out she murdered his mother and now doesn’t talk to his sister. I hope that he didn’t get anything from his mother’s estate, but he probably did. Diana should have gotten a job and worked hard. But as it is with many people, she wanted it fast and easy. It is sad that for her, it was murdering her elderly mother-in-law.