I have featured cases where greedy women, either alone or alongside a partner, murdered people to get things like money, jewelry, clothes, etc. Martha Marek, KD Kempamma, Susan Monica… However, there was no question that they committed the murder. A Jordanian couple, Susan Ibrahim and Bilal Musa, were charged with murdering 12 people. However, there is speculation that they didn’t murder all those people. But did they murder the majority? 

Conning Turned to Murder 

Jordan is a country with high security. Therefore, the country was in shock when they found out that Bilal Musa and Susan Ibrahim murdered 12 people in four years. Not much is known why the couple began murdering and how they could do it for four years. But they did. Between 1994 and 1998, husband and wife Bilal Musa and Susan Ibrahim killed 12 people. How did they do it? They pretended to be salespeople and journalists to get the victims to trust them enough to invite them into their homes. When they were inside, the murderous couple would kill the victim by cutting his or her neck. After the person was dead, Susan and Bilal would then rob their homes taking jewelry and money.  

The victims were:

  1. A banana store owner and a woman named Souad in Amman
  2. A woman and her child in the outskirts of West Amman
  3. A woman in the Northern Al Hashmi region
  4. Laila Al-Shaer west of Amman

Caught and Executed 

When they knew they were found, Susan and Bilal fled to Libya. However, they were found, arrested, and extradited to Jordan. This happened in 1998.   

Through their confessions and eyewitnesses, the couple was found guilty. Bilal Musa was sentenced to death for seven of the 12 murders. For the robberies, he received a life sentenced with hard labor. Susan Ibrahim was sentenced to death for one of the 12 murders. She was sentenced to death. For the robberies, Susan was charged with life in prison with hard labor. She would appeal and get the death sentence changed to life in prison. 

On December 7, 2000, Bilal Musa was executed by hanging. A few months after his death, Susan Ibrahim passed away in prison. 

On December 5, 2005, the Humans Rights Watch published a letter to the Jordanian Prime Minister referencing the case of Bilal Musa and Susan Ibrahim. They found evidence that Bilal Musa was tortured, so he had confessed that he murdered Nahij Khayyat in 1995. However, another Zuhair Khatib said he had done it. The Human Rights Watch further says that Bilal Musa probably did not murder nine of the 12 victims. 

The only murder that Bilal Musa didn’t dispute is a friend he says raped Susan Ibrahim. 

What happened to the other guy? Well, Zuhair Khatib was found guilty of the murder of Nahij Khayyat and two different people. The two people were not connected to Bilal Musa and Susan Ibrahim. But on September 26, 2005, the same court cleared Zuhair Khatib.

Human Rights Watch wrote:

“These two cases are a stunning example of the Jordanian judiciary’s failure to conduct even the most basic inquiry into the facts surrounding the most serious crimes with the most serious penalty,” said Whitson. “The police, prosecutors and judges appear to have had little interest in establishing the truth, and every interest in rushing through murder verdicts based on confessions likely extracted under torture.”

Closing Remarks

The question is, did Susan Ibrahim and Bilal Musa commit the murders and robberies? Another man did confess to committing one of the 12 murders. However, if it wasn’t the couple, then who murdered the other ten? Bilal Musa admits to killing one man who had sexually assaulted his wife. How about the eyewitnesses? If they were innocent, why did they flee? This case was hard because there was not much to go on when I used English. In these situations, Google Translate is my friend, and I was able to find Arabic newspapers that had more information on Susan Ibrahim and Bilal Musa. The victims and couple are no longer on this Earth, so we will never know the actual truth if the two were serial killers or framed. 

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