When you are a working parent, you need help taking care of your children, especially if they are little; there are several options available for parents. You can put them in a centralized daycare center, a family, one, a nanny, or a pair. You can even do co-ops with other families. It takes a lot of trust in that person to take care of your children. Unfortunately, sometimes that trust is based on the wrong person because of the seat. From that person’s side, Yoselyn Ortega became a nanny by having her family lie for her, even knowing she was mentally unstable. It caused the murder of two innocent children.

50 five-year-old Yoselyn Ortega was born to Rafael, Ortega, and Maria de Los Angeles Garcia in the Dominican Republic. At the age of seven, Yoselyn started working at the store where her father was her grocer. They were a tight-knit family; five of the seven kids survived to adulthood, and the ones who did start immigrating to the United States when she arrived in the US worked at various factories. Marina Krim had two small children and was pregnant with her third. Lucia was in dance class. Yoselyn Ortega’s sister Celia Ortega approached Mrs. Krim to ask her if she needed a nanny. Marina did. And so Celia recommended her sister. When Maria asked for references, Yoselyn gave her the contact information for her nieces, Glenda, Liz Garcia, and Jaclyn. They both described how Yoselyn had taken care of their children. However, Jacqueline did not have children at that time due to the wonderful references, which we now know were ally Marina Krim hired Yoselyn Ortega to beat the nanny for her husband, Kevin Krim’s, and her three children to Lucia, Leo, and Nessie.

Jealousy resentment started building inside Yoselyn Ortega. She was angry that Marina Krim could provide an excellent lifestyle for her children while Yoselyn couldn’t do the same. She had left her son back in her country of the Dominican Republic at the age of four to be taken care of by her sister. While she went to New York City to provide him a better life. At the age of 17, her son joined her in the US Yoselyn enrolled him in a private school but was struggling to pay the tuition even. So she still started getting more and more resentful towards the Krims, mainly Marina. She was also upset with her work schedule. It doesn’t seem like she ever let them know.
Weeks before the murders, Yoselyn Ortega’s family members testified that she had been hearing voices. She also was saying that a black figure was following her. During court, she also testified that she suffered from mental issues, including severe depression since she was a teenager. However, it was never treated. Even when she started hallucinating a few weeks prior, nothing was done to get her the mental health she needed. Maybe there were reasons for keeping quiet, but it resulted in the loss of innocent lives. On October 12th, 2012, Mrs. Krim took her middle child, three-year-old Nessie, and left home. Kevin Krim was away on a business trip while they were gone. Yoselyn took six-year-old Lucia and two-year-old Leo to the tub and stabbed them to death. She then took the knife and stabbed herself in the neck. Mrs. Krim became concerned when she found out that Yoselyn did not take Lucia to her dance class. When Mrs. Krim returned home, she found her innocent children dead in the bathtub and Yoselyn bleeding. She ran and called the police. When the police arrived, they found the grieving mother clutching her living child while screaming and crying. Inconsolably

In 2018, Yoselyn Ortega was sentenced to life in prison without a possibility of parole. After learning of her sentence, Joselyn spoke. And in Spanish, she said, I am very sorry for everything that happened. Judge Gregory Caro said in court that what she did was pure evil. She had tried to get a not guilty verdict due to having a mental disease and not knowing right from wrong. However, the jury rejected her stance. Marina Krim, the children’s mother, spoke before hearing the sentence and said that Yoselyn failed to destroy what Kevin and I had created and built an inspired, happy, thriving family. The Krims are now working to make it illegal for people to lie on childcare applications so that no other parent has to endure their pain.
I remember when I heard this on the news, and I felt horrible for the parents. My first thought was the one I usually have when I hear about murder-suicide cases, why not just commit suicide and leave the other people to live. To me, it was a selfish and vindictive act on Yoselyn’s part. During the investigation, she left her sister kind of like a suicide note. And some things showed that this was premeditated, not as sporadic act like she tried to say, or that she blacked out. My heart goes out to the crims since then; they’ve had two other children. I know that their two children that they lost will always be in their hearts, but I’m glad that they were strong enough to live on.

Yoselyn Ortega and her family lied to get her a job as a nanny.  She became jealous of the mother Marina Krim because of what the mother could provide for her children.  Yoselyn decided to murder two of the Krim children, and then pretend she couldn't remember doing it. She is now serving a life sentence.