People have left children and animals in the car when the temperatures were high. Even with all the warnings and media coverage of the deaths, people still continue to do it. Usually the reasons for doing this was either that they forgot or felt that they had to due to reasons like possibly losing their jobs. One of those deaths was of a toddler whose mother intentionally left her in the car to die. Angela Phakhin was that one mother and the reason for doing so will leave you shocked like it did me. ·       

Maiya’s Death 

On June 27, 2017, three-year old Maiya died from exposure to extreme heat due to being left in a white Toyota Rav-4.  Police saw the car parked the wrong way and went to check it out.  When they opened the car and started to look around, they found the lifeless body of the toddler underneath blankets. Her 27-year old mother Angela Phakhin and her fiancee 46-year old Utwan Smith were arrested.  Initially, Angela and Untwan were charged with child endangerment.  However, when investigators started investigating, they realized that there was more to the story than just leaving the toddler in the car. 

Being Charged for Murder 

The story started to unravel. In February 2016, Angela and Untwan had moved from Arkansas with Maiya.  They had been living in the car since they moved to California.  Angela’s family had believed they were heading to Texas and told a journalist that they had not spoken to Angela or Untwan since that time. They applied for food stamps and remained in the car. 

In June, Angela would leave three-year old Maiya in the hot car for extended times. the temperatures in California during that time were in the high 80s, but the week before her death, they were reaching the 100s.   She had been told to take her daughter to a cooling shelter but she didn’t. The day before Maiya was left in the car for 4 ½ hours.  The day she died, the little girl was in the car for over nine hours. 

She would later tell investigators that she was trying to remove the “lustful demons” from Maiya. 

In June 2019, Angela Phakhin was sentenced to 25 years to life after a jury unanimously found her guilty of premeditated murder and felony torture. 

Closing Remarks

What lustful demons could a three-year-old child have? Maybe now that Angela Phakhin has been charged, we might get more details about the case including why she was trying to get rid of the lustful demons. The boyfriend is currently being sentenced so it might not be until 2020.  In the pictures and videos I have seen, Angela shows no emotion so not sure if it’s that she has no remorse but it seems that way. She will now have enough time to think about her murdering her daughter.

Purposely left child in a hot car to exorcise "lustful demons"