Do you remember what you were doing when you were 11 years old? I was doing gymnastics on the field with my friends and still playing with my dolls, with my little sister, even if she was doing those things. Mary Bell also had another extracurricular activity that she was participating in. She was murdering boys in her town without any remorse. 

Mary Bell Before the Murders 

Mary Bell was born in May 1957 to a teen mom named Betty who was 17 at the time. Her mother was also mentally and stable. It is said that her mother was a prostitute who was away from home for periods of time and left Mary alone when she was four. Mary was sold by her mother to clients. At first, Mary’s mother tried to kill her. Betty tried overdosing her daughter on pills. They were family witnesses who saw Betty giving Mary pills like candy. There was another time that Mary fill out the window and Betty’s said it was an accident. Due to this fall, Mary suffered some brain damage, especially in the area that is used for decision making. Betty will eventually find out how much money child prostitutes make, and so she decided to sell her daughter. Instead, Mary’s Mother’s Betty would end up marrying a petty criminal called Billy Bell. It is known if this was Mary’s biological father, but she always believed he was. The bell’s house was dirty with barely any furniture. You can say that Mary did not have a good start to life.

Mary was very aggressive towards her schoolmates. She would shake her head profusely or grabbed her peers by the throat and so her schoolmates started to avoid her. There was even an account by a younger girl that Mary stubbed a cigarette on her chic when teachers would confront her. Mary was honest and showed no remorse. Mary was friends with the girl whose name was Norma bell and was a couple of years older. They say that she was mentally challenged and was easily influenced by the younger Mary. There was one time that Mary had Norma hold down another girl while she stuffed the girl’s mouth was sand. The girl was able to get away and the police were notified. However, this school and the police didn’t do much but to talk to her, no one would think that a child would become a murderer. 

The Murders 

On May 25th, 1968 two boys found the body of four-year-old Martin Brown in an abandoned house. It was assumed at first that Martin had accidentally swallowed some pills from a nearby bottle. The next day, Mary started choking Norma and was caught by an enormous father. He slapped Mary in the face and told her to get out of his home. She wasn’t done yet because later on that day, a nursery school was vandalized with notes that red f off we murdered. Watch out fanny and Faggot and we did murder Martin Brown, f you bastards. Mary would go to Martin Brown’s family’s house a few days later asking to see Martin when his mother told her that Martin had died, Mary responded, Oh, I know he’s dead. I wanted to see him in his coffin. His mother’s slammed the door on her face. If it was an adult, the police would’ve quickly suspected that person is that they’re always around. However, the police did not do anything. Martin’s sister would tell chronicle to live in 2018 that quote, she’s definitely stolen my childhood and my sisters. I was born into a very quiet, cold, solid home and I didn’t really know why it was harder for my sister because she knew what a happy lifestyle was like. She knew what it was like to have that normality. I can’t imagine what a happy childhood would have been like. Unquote. The family still leaves flowers on his grave to this day.

A couple of months would pass before Mary Bell and Norma Bell with murder again. This time it was three-year-old Brian Howell. He disappeared in a massive search, went underway. Brian’s body was found near some concrete blocks at a vacant mark. He had been strangled. He also had cuts on his legs and stomach as well as on his private part that was done by a razor and scissors. The autopsy findings found that the killer was a child. Detectives questioned Marybella Norma Bell when Mary said that she saw an older boy abused Brian with some scissors. This was something that was not public knowledge. Eventually, Norma broke down and confessed that she saw Mary kill the boy. This is when investigators started noticing the similarities between the deaths of Martin Brown and Brian Howell and realize that the two girls were also responsible for Martin’s staff. 


On December 5th, 1968 Mary Bell and Norma Bell went to trial for the murders of Martin Brown and Brian Howell. Norma Bell was acquitted of all charges. It is sad because she was quote, dimwitted unquote and seemed remorseful. Mary did not. She was stoic and didn’t seem to care much one way or the other. She was convicted of manslaughter and sent to a secure facility. A year after being there, Mary Bell escaped with a fellow inmate. She was eventually found with two men who helped with the escape. After 12 years, Mary Bell was released. She was granted a new identity and anonymity by the government, Mary Bell, with discovered by tablet reporters. It was found that she had a daughter who was 14 at the time who had no idea of her mother’s past. There were talks about taking her daughter away from her due to her murdering two boys. However, she was allowed to remain with her daughter and was given anonymity. Once again, this was the last time anyone would know of where Mary Bell was. Martin Brown smothers said, “It’s all about her and how she has to be protected as victims. We are not given the same rights as killers.”

Mary Bell was a ten-year-old female killer who murdered two young boys.