Cannibalism is taboo.  To eat human flesh is something that humans should not be allowed to do. However, there are a few who get a taste for it.  Even worse, they torture and kill those that they eat. Patricia Martinez, half of the Monsters of Ecatepec duo, committed heinous acts towards other women.  She, alongside her husband, is accused of murdering over 20 women in Mexico.  What would cause someone to torture, kill, and eat their victims? We will see in today’s episode.

The Place

Ecatepec is the home of 2 million people, and it’s one of the most dangerous cities in Mexico.  A study conducted by Mexico’s National Institute of Statistical and Geographical Information, 96.3% of residents, lives in fear. This is a city that disappearances and murders are a common way of life. In 2016, Pope Francis visited Ecatepec to bring awareness to the massive amount of femicide, which is the killing of a woman or girl, that occurs in the city.  I wanted to give you an understanding of the place that Patricia Martinez and her husband Juan Carlos Hernandez committed their crimes.  For you to understand that this is a place where people are wary of their neighbors and Patricia was still able to lure these poor women and girls to their deaths.

Before the Murders

Patricia was a prostitute before she met Juan Carlos.  Her mental state was thought to be intellectually challenged.  There was also claims that as a child, Patricia was very manipulative.

In 2008, the murderous couple met.  Patricia was a waitress at the restaurant that Juan Carlos visited. Even though she believed him to be an assassin, she still started a relationship with him. They would eventually get married and have four children. Also, they would start a business selling costume jewelry and clothing, which was one of the ways that they lured women and girls.

The Murders

The murders began in 2012.  One of their victims was their 13-year old neighbor Luz del Carmen who was also the daughter of Juan Carlos’ friend. Patricia noticed she was alone, and so she went up to the girl and said she needed to borrow her phone.  Luz gave her the phone, and Patricia never returned.  The girl went to their house to get her phone back, she went inside the house and was never seen again. Later, Juan Carlos said that he tried to rape her, but cause she was on her menstrual cycle, he instead forced her to perform oral sex on him.  The poor girl threw up, and after that he killed her. This is all while Patricia watched.  They made cuts on her legs and ate the cuts of meats later. Luz was one of their first victims.  

She also lured single mother Nancy Noemi Huitrón who left her two older daughters at home and took the baby girl with her to look at supposed baby clothes.  They killed her and sold the baby.  They would also kill two more single moms.

They also killed a mother and her ten-year-old daughter.

From Patricia’s testimony, she talks about the murder of 22-year old Fabiola Luqun Reyes. Her husband posted a sign that he needed a girl to help his wife around the house. Fabiola responded.  When she got to the house, she was a bit nervous when she saw there was no furniture.  However, he said the dirty clothes were in the bathroom. When Fabiola went in there, Juan Carlos locked the door.  When he opened it up, Fabiola was dead.  Patricia says that he cut four pieces of meat, and she made roast beef.  They ate it for the rest of the week.  They would take their victims’ hearts and put them in glass jars to honor their God.  In January 2019, the heart of a child was found in the couple’s home.  The authorities are still trying to figure out who the child is. They would also sell the bones of their victims.  During their trial, they said the bones of the women and girls were sold to a Santero, these are practitioners of Santeria, which is similar to Voodoo.  The police are trying to find these Santeros.  For the parts that couldn’t be eaten, used for prayer, or sold, they fed it to their dogs.

20 women and girls were killed and suffered this horrible fate.

One of the last posts Patricia posted on Facebook was a picture of Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn with the caption, “I am crazy.” Another was an image of la Santa Muerte, or Holy Death, with the words, “You that know everything a mother of mine. I beg you not to abandon me.”


On October 4, 2018, the couple was crossing the street with Patricia pushing a stroller. When the police caught up to them, they realized that there was no baby, but bags full of body parts.

The police searched their home and found more body parts in seven buckets in the freezer in a room called the “Black Room,” as well as in two other vacant homes near the couple’s house.  How were they found? Patricia’s number was found in the cell phones of three of the female victims. She was the one who would lure these women and girls to their deaths.

They received two 40 year prison sentences, and a 30 year one. However, recently a judge revoked the 30-year prison sentence due to issues with the investigation.

Many believe that Juan Carlos Hernandez was the mastermind, and he probably was.  However, for her to have participated in these crimes, Patricia Martinez is not innocent.  Even though she was diagnosed to be intellectually challenged, medical experts say she knows the difference between right or wrong.  However, her neighbors say that she had no mental disability.  I do worry about their children because even though their parents tried to shield them from knowing about the killings, children are smarter and more astute than adults tend to think. I hope that future Monsters of Ecaptaec were not created due to the current ones.