Video Transcript

Parents are supposed to protect their children and make sure that no harm comes to them. But what happens when a mother is too busy drinking and doing drugs and neglect to do so, we will hear the story of Tani Willis, who went to a party and decided to leave her nine year old son alone with a dog who mauled him to death.

That’s April in 2019, 31 year old Tawnee Willis decided that she wanted to go to a party at her neighbor’s house. 29 year old Sadie Totterdell what she decided to do in order to go to the party. That would be a party filled with drinking and doing cocaine. She decided that Sadie’s dog, which was known to be dangerously out of control. She left that dog with her nine year old son alone and headed to the party while she was busy drinking and doing cocaine, the dog attacked nine-year-old Frankie Macritchie hopefully I said that, correct? If not, I apologized. And he bid the boy 54 times, the boy, unfortunately, Frankie passed away due to this Sadie Totterdell, who was the dog owner and the one who was hosting the party and Tani Willis were both arrested and charged Tawnee Willis. Finally, when she was arrested, she admitted that she had left her son alone and she did neglect him.

At this point, Sadie has been sent to jail for three years and Tawnee has been sent to jail for two years. It is really sad. That this nine year old boy had to suffer such a horrible death. I mean, I can’t imagine 54 bite marks. And one of the things that also came out of the autopsy report was that he took some of the boys scalp. It had been torn off and one of his ears was hanging by a thread. And that just makes me really sad. And the judge actually said to Tawny Willis, after the sentencing, he said, quote, you left frankly, Oh, sorry, you left Frankie with the dog. Winston. This was a strong and powerful dog. It was a dog that Frankie knew. PO’s not a family dog. You knew Frankie was awake. You placed the dog and a nine year old child in the confined environment of a caravan.

The scene you found in the morning, I know will haunt you for the rest of your life. And that you have developed post traumatic stress disorder as a result of what you experienced. He can only be class of classed as grossly negligent. And I feel like she wasn’t as like the female killers that we’ve had on this YouTube channel. She was basically a mother who made a horrific mistake. And I know that it is something that will haunt her. And it seems like she did develop PTSD, which is post traumatic stress disorder. And hopefully, you know, she gets mental, like mental health assistance while she’s in there. And I hope that she gets off the drugs and the drinking if the drinking was an issue, but that’s something that now she’s really going to probably feel guilt for the rest of her life. She lost her son in such a horrible way.

And I don’t know much about how the neighbor how she would feel, but I would think that she would feel guilty too because her dog was the one that did it, but it seems like her dog had tendencies of being violent. And so she should have also, as an adult had the mind to say, you know, this is a bad idea. Let me put the dog in a room, the backyard, if they had a backyard, I don’t know, but not with a nine-year-old boy in a caravan. So this was just a really sad case. And so I just hope that Frankie is resting in peace. And I just hope that his mother and the dog owner realize what they did and they make sure that this never, ever happens.

mother got two years in prison for neglect after her nine-year-old son was mauled by a dog