She is known as UK’s youngest killer by murdering an innocent person at the age of 12. There have been experts who have pondered if she was born evil or did her environment create a murderer. Either way, Sharon Carr could get away with murdering Katie Rackliff for five years before she was caught. During that time, she also stabbed another girl. If she wouldn’t have bragged about murdering someone, would Sharon Carr have killed again?   

Sharon Carr as a Kid

Sharon Carr was born on December 21, 1979, in Belize. Her family and her would move from Belize to the United Kingdom when her mom married an English man. Her family home was not a happy one. Her mother was abusive, and it is said that Sharon once had pepper poured on her genitals as punishment. Her family was Voodoo practitioners who would torture and kill animals. The marriage between her mother and stepfather quickly deteriorated, and it resulted in her mother pouring boiling water all over him. 

It is no surprise that Sharon Carr would turn out to be violent as well and smoking weed. Investigators would find that she once decapitated a dog with a spade and fried hamsters. Even so, it is shocking that she would one day be one of the UK’s youngest killers. 

Katie Rackliff’s Murder

On June 7, 1992, 18-year old Katie Rackliff’s body was found. When her body was inspected, she had over 27 stab wounds. The last time Katie had been seen was leaving a nightclub and getting in her car. Initially, the police thought it was a man, probably in his 30s, who murdered the young woman. The reason was the viciousness of the attack, like Katie’s genitals had been mutilated. 

Former detective chief inspector Clive Driscoll said, “It was almost a Jack the Ripper sort of incident, and we know how we feel about how barbaric that was, but this was a situation where the lady’s sex organs were attacked.”

 The case went cold for five years. 

When the investigators were still trying to find the man who murdered Katie, Sharon Carr would stab Ann-Marie Clifford in a school bathroom two years later, on June 7, 1994. She would stab the girl in the lungs but was stopped when other students entered the bathroom. Fortunately, Ann-Marie survived the attack. For this crime, Sharon was sent to the Young Offenders’ Bullwood Hall for two years. This is when she would start bragging to others about how she got away with murdering Katie Rackliff.  


The people she told went to the police, so the police went to Sharon’s house and searched it. This is when they would find her diary entries. Very similar to another young female killer Juliet Hulme. 

The diary had drawings of knives all over it. Some of the entries were:

“I enjoyed putting the blade up her; it made me feel powerful”

“I had to overcome her serenity, her security. She needs to be raped that showed her well” 

“I’m a Killer. Killing is my Business, and a business is good”

“I was born to be a murderer. Killing for me is a mass turn-on, and it just makes me so high I never want to come down. Every night I see the Devil in my dreams – sometimes even in my mirror, but I realize it was just me.”

“Last night, it occurred to me that killing her did me good. Now I know what I’m capable of, and I will do it again.” 

While awaiting trial, Sharon tried strangling two staff members from the assessment center to assess her mental state. In 1997, Sharon Carr was sentenced to life in prison for Katie Rackliff’s murder. 

In March 2020, it was found that Sharon Carr was fantasizing about murdering a fellow prison mate, and her application to have more relaxed prison restrictions was denied. 

Closing Remarks

Sharon Carr is known as Britain’s youngest female killer even though there was also Mary Bell, who was ten when she murdered two young boys. The two and the anonymous teenagers who murdered Angela Wrightson share similar stories. Violent and unstable homes. But the question is, does that create murderous children? The sad reality is that many out there live in these types of homes and don’t end up murdering innocent victims. Katie was someone Sharon Carr anonymously targeted and carried out her vicious attack. When she was questioned, Sharon said two boys helped her grab Katie, and they sexually assaulted her. The boys were questioned and had alibis, and Katie was not raped. However, the police are still wondering how a 12-year old girl could drag Katie with a strength that only a man would have, which is why they initially thought it was a 30-year older man. Sharon is a violent woman who should remain locked up for the remainder of her life because she would kill again if she had the chance.   

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