If someone has suffered years of torment in the hands of another, should that person not go to prison because it was self-defense? Or should they have to pay for murdering another? This is the dilemma in the case of sisters Krestina, Angelina, and Maria Khachaturyan. They killed their dad after years of being treated as prisoners and suffering mental, physical, and sexual abuse in his hands. One day they murdered him after having enough.      

Police Do Not Investigate Complaints 

Before sisters Krestina, 19, Angelina, 18, and Maria, 17 stabbed their father 57-year-old Mikhail Khachaturyan to death, and their mother had tried to stop him. She went to the police numerous times to get help because her husband was extremely abusive. The neighbors also filed their complaints because they lived in fear of the tyrant Mikhail. There is no evidence that the police ever acted on these complaints. This is a common situation in the police where domestic issues are not investigated. Mikhail eventually kicked the sisters’ mother out and banned them from speaking to her. 

Mikhail was also doing the same for his daughters. He had conditioned from an early age to think they were slaves. He would repeatedly rape and beat them. The sisters were his prisoners for years.

Murder of Mikhail Khachaturyan 

On the night of July 27, 2018, while Mikhail Khachaturyan slept, the sisters went into his room, stabbed him, hit him with a hammer, and pepper-sprayed him. It is alleged that the youngest Maria had the hunting knife, the middle sister Angelina held the hammer, and the oldest Krestina had the pepper spray. Aside from the hammer hit and pepper-sprayed, he was inflicted with more than 30 knife wounds. Earlier that night, he had pepper-sprayed the Krestina, Angelina, and Maria in their faces because they had not cleaned the home to his standards. After their father died, the three sisters called the police.  

Murder Trial 

The sisters will go on trial in October. The youngest, Maria, will go on trial with her sisters but not be charged due to her age. Their attorneys are saying that the sisters acted in self-defense. In Russia, if there is a continuous crime, then even if it isn’t a moment of rage, it is still considered self-defense. The prosecutors are trying to jail the two older sisters for over 20 years for premeditated murder. Three hundred thousand people have signed a petition urging that the sisters be released. Mikhail’s relatives are split with some believing n the girls, and others not. An attorney for relatives who do not believe the sisters said:

“There is no genetic evidence, no knickers, no audio recordings of the alleged abuse. This, despite being given the latest iPhones.” 

According to MediaZona, in Russia, 80% of women are held on murder charges after killing their abuser.

Closing Remarks

This is one of the murders that I feel more sympathy for the murderers than the victim. This “father” was slowly killing his daughters’ emotionally, mentally, and physically. I can only imagine that they felt alone and helpless, only having one another. I am one of three sisters and know that feeling that you only have each other. I hope that Russia revisits how they handle domestic abuse cases because if they had listened to their mother, those sisters wouldn’t have suffered the trauma that they had. It seems that this had become a significant issue in Russia, and I am glad that activists are making sure that Russians don’t forget about this case and the other domestic abuse cases. Let me know your thoughts if you think the sisters should go to prison or should be released. 

Khachaturyan Sisters murder abusive father

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