These were the first five Female Killers Podcast episodes. They are women throughout history who have killed for various reasons.

1. The Blood Countess: Elizabeth Bathory

elizabeth bathory blood countess

Elizabeth Bathory is thought to be the inspiration for a monster we have seen in books, movies, and even music like Brahm’s Stoker’s “Dracula.  She is also known as the Blood Countess. Elizabeth is thought to have killed over 600 young women, and there have been stories of her using their blood in hopes to remain forever young.  There are some who say that these stories are all conceptions of people who resented her power even though she was a female.  You can decide for yourself if she was a murderer or framed by malicious people threatened by her.  Listen to the podcast episode to learn more about Elizabeth Bathory

2. Angel of Mercy: Jane Toppan

jane toppan angel of mercy

Angel of Death is the label given to caregivers who play God and deciding whether the people under their care should live or die. Being that they are taking care of the sick, their crimes go unnoticed. In the 1900s, one of those Angel of Deaths, and a serial killer was Jane Toppan. She murdered without a conscience. Even though she knew that is was wrong to kill people, she continued to do with no sympathy. She would go to murder 32 people, but there are speculations that it could be to the hundreds. She was quoted by saying “That is my ambition. To have killed more people. More helpless people than any man or woman who has ever lived.” Listen to the podcast episode to learn more about Jane Toppan

3: Monsters of Ecatepec: Patricia Martinez

monstruos de ecatepec

Cannibalism is taboo. To eat human flesh is something that humans should not be allowed to do. However, there are a few who get a taste for it. Even worse, they torture and kill those that they eat. Patricia Martinez, half of the Monsters of Ecatepec duo, committed heinous acts towards other women. She, alongside her husband, is accused of murdering over 20 women in Mexico. What would cause someone to torture, kill, and eat their victims? We will see in today’s episode. Listen to the podcast episode to learn more about Patricia Martinez

4: Greedy Poisoner: Martha Marek

martha marek female killer poisoner

Greed is one of the seven deadly sins. It is an insatiable longing for a tangible item. Usually, when people think of greed, money is what comes to mind. As Eartha Kitt was once quoted with saying, “Greed is so destructive. It destroys everything. “ In today’s episode, we will find a woman who allowed the greed of money to cause her to kill people, even her own child. Her name was Martha Marek and we will discuss this female killer who poisoned for greed. Listen to the podcast episode to learn more about Martha Marek

5: Heavenly Creatures: Pauline Parker & Juliet Hulme

heavenly creatures murdered mom

We have all been teenagers. The intensified feelings that come during this time, and the feeling of the finality of every moment because you can’t see past the current moment. What if these feelings cause you to commit murder? Even scarier, what if the person you kill is your own mother? This is what happened to Pauline Parker and her friends Juliet Hulme. They both killed Pauline’s mother cause they couldn’t imagine being apart. Listen to the podcast episode to learn more about Pauline Walker & Juliet Hulme